Oath From His Excellency Dr. Apj Abdul Kalam, Former President Of India At Warananagar

I am delighted to be among the farmers, students, teachers, professional and citizens of this beautiful rural land of Warananagar.

My greetings (namaskar) to all of you

Declaration by the village citizens.

  1. Children are our precious wealth
  2. We will give equal importance for male and female children in providing education and rights for growth of our society
  3. For health and prosperity we will have a small family
  4. Earnings come out of hard work. We will not waste in gambling and liquor
  5. We need to tell our children about the importance of education as learning gives knowledge and knowledge makes the children succeed
  6. We need to jointly protect our forest and prevent pollution
  7. We will plant at least five trees / saplings and nurture them
  8. We will become the role models for our children