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Late Shri Tatyasabeh Kore Shri Vinay ji Kore (Savakar)
Tatyasaheb observing Erection work of Warana Co-operative Sugar Factory. Tatyasaheb observing the Machinery minutely. Inauguration of the First Crushing Season of Warana Co-operative Sugar Factory at the auspicious hands of Yashwantraoji Chavan, then Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Inauguration of Nursery School in Talsande by 'Satkarya Sanvardhak Mandal'. Tatyasaheb, Mamasaheb Gulvani & Others. Kolhapur Type Weir in Kodoli constructed by Warana Sugar Factory.
The First meeting of key personnel of State Co-operative Sugar Factories in Kolhapur Region. Sou. Pratibhatai Patil (then Revenue Minister of Govt. of Maharashtra) inaugurating State Urban Banks Association Conference in Warananagar. Jackwell on Panchaganga River constructed by Warana Co-operative Sugar Factory (1969). Boiler Firing Ceremony Tatyasaheb & Sou. Savitriakka Kore. Foreign Tour to Study Paper Project in 11 countries. Tatyasaheb, Vasantdada Patil, Ratnappanna Kumbhar and Others in Mexico.
Inauguration of Warana Vyayam Mandir. Tatyasaheb, Nanasaheb & Others. Tatyasaheb with Prof. S. N. Gundurao. Tatyasaheb with Vasantraoji Naik, then Chief Minister, Maharashtra State. Tatyasaheb welcoming then Prime Minister Indiraji Gandhi in Kolhapur. Meeting of Maharshtra State Co-operative Sugar Factories Federation in Warananagar when Tatyasaheb was a Chairman of the Federation.
Dr. Dhananjay Gadgil addressing the meeting. Tatyasaheb, Ratnappanna Kumbhar & Other dignitaries. Tatyasaheb & Savitriakka at the time of Community Marriage. Bhoomi Poojan of Shigaon K. T. Weir (Dam). Tatyasaheb accepting The Best Technical Effciency Award in 1988-89 by Sukharamji, then Central Minister for Food and Civil Supplies, New Delhi. 60th Birth Anniversary of Tatyasaheb. Dr. Vasantdada Patil, then Chief Minister of Maharashtra State Tatyasaheb & Sou. Savitriakka.
60th Birth Anniversary of Tatyasaheb. Yashwantraoji Chavan, Dr. Vasantdada Patil, Tatyasaheb, Ratnappanna Kumbhar & Savitriakka. 75th Birth Anniversary of Tatyasaheb (Amrut Mahotsav) Sharad Pawar then Defence Minister of Govt. of India, Tatyasaheb and Sou. Savitriakka. Tatyasaheb & Others with Padmashree Dr. Vitthalrao Vikhe-Patil. Tatyasaheb Accepting the Dairy Development Award from Balram Jakhar, Speaker of Lok Sabha. Lijjat Papad Centre Mahila Griha Udyog, Warananagar.
Goat Rearing Project by Mahila Griha Udyog. Tatyasaheb Accepting the Award of Yashwantrao Chavan Foundation, Mumbai from C. Subramanyam, then Governor of Maharashtra in the presence of then Chief Minister of Maharashtra Sharad Pawar. The artiste of Warana Children's Orchestra with then Prime Minister Indiraji Gandhi at her residence. Warana Children's Orchestra performing in Mauritius. Tatyasaheb's Old House in 'Dag Mala' that provided shelter to the underground Freedom Fighters.
"Warana Shetkari" The First Agro - Parliament in Warananagar. "Warana Dudh Sangh" Factory Building. Tatyasaheb Kore Sainiki School, Warananagar. Warana Co-operative Bank Main Branch, Warananagar. Warana Bazar Main Branch, Warananagar.
Warana Mahila Udyog Administrative and Production Building. Mahatma Gandhi Medical Trust, Hospital Building. Tatyasaheb Kore Institute of Engineering & Technology, Warananagar. Inauguration of New Buildings of Warana Co-operative Bank, Engineering College and Mahila Udyog Dr. Vasantdada Patil then Governor of Rajasthan & Tatyasaheb. Smt. Shobhatai Kore accepting the Award of Best Co-operative Industrial Complex at the auspicious hands of Dr. P. C. Alexander, then Governor of Maharashtra.
Smt. Shobhatai Kore Chairperson & Mr. V. S. Chavan, M.D. accepting the Best Cane Development Award by NFCSF by the auspicious hands of Sharad Pawar, Agriculture Minister, Govt. of India. Presence - Dr. J. C. Patil Vice Chairman, and Mrs. S. V. Chavan Vice President, Warana Bhagini Mandal. Inauguration of Kale Branch of Warana Co-operative Bank. Mamasaheb Gulawani, Vinayraoji Kore and Nipunraoji Kore. Vinayraoji Kore and Mr. V. S. Chavan, M.D. accepting the frst prize for Cane Development Award by NFCSF, New Delhi at the hands of then Prime Minister H. D. Devegouda in the presence of Mr. S. G. Patil, Chairman of NFCSF. Vinayraoji Kore accepting Fie Foundation Award from Dilip Kumar. Nipunraoji Kore accepting 'Vasantdada Patil award for the Best Urban Bank' given by Maharashtra State Bank Association, at the auspicious hands of Dr. Narendra Jadhav, Vice-Charcellor, Pune University.
Unveiling of 'Sahakar Shilp' by Manohar Joshi, then Chief Minister. Kallappanna Awade, Shivajirao Naik, Mrs. Anagha Joshi and Vinayraoji Kore. Golden Jubilee Celebration of Warana Co-operative Sugar Factory. Vinayraoji Kore offering Pooja to 'Sahakar Shilp'. Vinayraoji Kore, V. S. Chavan with Children in Sakharshala (A School for the Children of Cane Harvesting Labours) Felicitation of Field Marshal, General Sam Manekshaw by Vinayraoji Kore in Warananagar. Tatyasaheb Kore accepting the Award of Rotary International for the Best Entrepreneurship from Madhavrao Scindia.
Swami Ramdeo Baba's visit to Tatyasaheb Kore Sainiki School, Warananagar.