Sugar Factory

Warana valley owes its revolutionary socio-economic development to its Chairman, Leader & founder of Shree Warana Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Limited, late Shri. V. A. alias Tatyasaheb Kore. Exactly 54 years back, Warana valley was a barren & hilly track, notorious for dacoity only. Under unavoidable circumstances, a common man could dare to enter the region.

This dark picture is totally changed due to only vision of our great Leader late Shree Tatyasaheb Kore. Karkhana got industrial license from Govt. of India under No. L25N215-69 LC dated 11.9.1959. The society was registered on 27th September, 1955 under The Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960.

The Society was not engaged in just to manufacture the sugarcane allied products and to earn profit concern for the benefit of cane cultivators, but a nucleus of all-round development of the rural area of operation through its co-operative organization & to help for increasing economic growth of rural population, leading towards Integrated Rural Development of India, in real sense.

Ours is a co-operative sugar factory having capacity 9000 TCD. Initially this sugar factory was started with 1000 T.C.D. crushing capacity during 1959-60. This crushing capacity has been increased from 1000 to 2000 T.C.D. in 1969-70, 2000 to 2500 T.C.D. in 1979, 2500 to 3000 T.C.D. in 1981-82, 3000 to 4000 T.C.D. in 1989-90, 3000 to 4000 T.C.D. in 1989-90, 4000 to 5000 in 1998 & capacity increased from 5000 to 7500 T.C.D. in 2003-04. The sugar factory coming under Warana Group along with other three sugar factories taken to run on Lease basis, has reached a highest crushing of sugarcane in India at 20000 Tonnes crushing of sugarcane per day with production of sugar per day 24000 quintals reaching to turnover of Rs. 550.00 crores during the Financial Year 2008-09. As well as karkhana has installed raw sugar reprocessing unit in 2004-05, during this year, we have imported raw sugar and to export fine sugar.

Presently Sugar Refinery plant with 500 TPD has been set up to process the raw sugar and export of fine sugar is expected by the end of the crushing season of 2010-11.

For getting benefits from by-products karkhana has installed bagasse based Pulp - Paper Mill in 1983 with capacity of 20 MT per day production of white cream wove paper of 45, 60 grammage. Now, Karkhana has installed and commissioned 8 TPD Sodium Lignosulphonate Unit. Sodium Lignosulphonate is produced from black liquor of sugar factory and with some other chemicals. This chemical is used in cement and paint Industries like Oil and Natural Gas Corporation and BASF also in paint and leather industry. This will boost the profit of the sugar factory and offer better returns to cane farmer members Lignosulphonate is produced by Warana only and it is import substitute product. Warana which is the only Manufacturer of Lignosulphonate in India.

Further in the year 1989, Karkhana has installed and started Distillery plant to utilize the by-product molasses with 30 KLPD capacity producing Ethanol, Industrial Alcohol and Rectified Spirit. Now Kakrhana has increased the capacity of distillery up to 90 KLPD with Ethyl Acetate, Acitic Acid, grain-base alcohol project, ENA plant etc. Another Distillery plant with 45 KLPD has been set up at Pusad District Yawatmal which is ready for production. State of the art facility to treat distillery spent wash comprising of bio-methanation followed by evaporation and aerobic bio-composting to achieve zero discharge. This will be a major part of tremendous source of income to sugar factory as well as sugarcane growers/members.

The Warana Dairy plant with a capacity of milk collection of 18.93 lakhs litres per day covering 200 villages in the area has reached turnover at Rs. 460.20 crores during the Financial Year 2008-09. For its qualitative and quantative excellent performance it has been acquired an ISO 9002 certification and recognized as Exporter by Government of India.

The Warana Co-operative Bank Ltd. took its birth in 1966 and is playing a Pivotal role in the overall development of Warana area by creating the banking mind to mobilize Deposit of Rs. 383 crores and advancing loan of Rs. 211 Crores at subsidised interest rate to the members.

The Warana Bazar - Consumer service project undertaken in 1978 to reach the rural interior through 50 branches and 2 departmental stores are working with Annual turnover of Rs. 86.49 crores. Warana Mahila Udyog is working with annual turnover of Rs. 5.00 crores employing 650 No. of women. Shree Warana Vibhag Shikshan Mandal providing educational facilities from KG to Graduation in the discipline of arts, science, commerce, medical, technical and engineering etc. for last 50 years. Mahatma Gandhi Medical Trusts' 200 bedded hospital for the sick and rural poor people. Warana Wired Village Project, a pilot project first of its kind to Asia connected 70 villages and 150 computer networking nodes, internet facilities to the rural community. Not in the list but not the least, the project in hand like Power Generation with 44 MW Bio-gas and Bio-Fertilizers Plant by using the waste water and waste material to overcome the environment issues.

The factory has received so many awards since its inception. The Factory has received 1st prize for its best technical efficiency in the year 1988-89 at National Federation of Co-Operative Sugar Factories Limited; New Delhi & 1st prize for its best technical efficiency in the year 1997-98 from Vasantdada Sugar institute Pune & Maharashtra Rajya Sahkari Sakhar Karkhana Sangh Ltd., Mumbai. Also the factory has awarded twice as "The Most Innovative Sugar Factory" by Vasantdada Sugar Institute, Pune. Presently our factory has awarded "Best Financial Management Award" by Vasantdada Sugar Institute, Pune in such a crucial position of co-operative sugar factories. The factory is getting First Prize / Award constantly for Maximum sugar exports at National Level. The list of various awards achieved by sugar factory is enclosed herewith.

At present, the Authorized Share Capital is Rs. 15 crores, comprising of 30,000 shares of Rupees 5,000/- each. Out of this 29,250 shares for producer members and 750 for non-producer members. On the eve of Golden Jubilee of Sugar Factory Sugar factory Management allotted a bonus share of Rs. 5,000/- each and KLE Health policy to the members and its family. Presently there are 19863 producer members and 79 non-producer members. These are cane growers from 80 villages forming the area of operation of the Sugar Factory . Our by-laws mentions that every producer member must hold at least 1/2 acre of sugar cane land. For weaker sections & back-ward class farmers, this limit has been reduced to 10 gunthas & 5 gunthas respectively. It is a fact that about 86% of the members are small & marginal land holders owning sugar cane land less than 1 hectare.

It is a true fact that immediate results of the successful running of the factory are the high returns to the producer members for the sugar cane supplied by them. These returns are highest in the State and most of the times in India consistently.

Thus, the main object of Co-Operative movement in Agro-based industries of processing & Marketing is being achieved.

The sugar factory is impetus / parent organization for creation and growth of Milk Dairy, Departmental Stores, Educational Institute with K.G. to graduation/post graduation in Arts, Commerce, Science and Engineering education. As on 2008 the total group turnover has reached to Rs. 1200 crores per annum. The dream of ideal village of our Great National Leader Mahatma Gandhi is fulfilled by our beloved leader Hon'ble late Shree Tatyasaheb Kore through an ideal village Warananagar.

The main highlights are :

· Expansion OF Sugar Factory within Minimum capital expenditure for extra 4000 TCD (4000 to 8000 TCD).

· Taken over additional three sugar factories on lease i.e., Unit No. 4 - Shree Datta Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd., Asurle-Porle, Taluka Panhala, District Kolhapur and Unit No. 5 - Sudhakarrao Naik SSK Ltd., PusaD, At Post Pusad, Gunj-Savana, Tal. Mahagaon, Dist. Yewatmal. The Ajara Shetakari Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. Gavase, Tal. Ajara, District Kolhapur. The total crushing capacity of all the units in the year 2009 is more than 20000 Tonnes per day.

· Bagged ISO-9002 Certification at first in Maharashtra for our Sugar Factory. Also bagged ISO:9001-2000 Certification. Achieved the Status of Export House at first in India in co-operative sugar industry.

· Manufacturer of ISO Grade Sugar in India - only unit.

· Within a year time coming with Tetra Pack Cane Juice at International Level.

· Commissioning and running of Wired Village Project for 70 villages.

· Lignosulphonate Chemical - The import substitute : Only the Manufacturer in India.

· Various new irrigation schemes started in the area of operation under the management of sugar factory and increased the sugar cane production about 3,00,000 tonnes per year and thus saved the transportation cost in crores of rupees.

· Started and now running successfully the Warana Wired Village Project first in Asia and through this project now information is available to members at their village computer centers.

· Completed expansion of 4000 tonnes within a short span and increased the capacity from 4000 TCD to 8000 TCD with minimum cost.

· Maximum production in distillery up to 75 lacs litres in the history of distillery.

· Tried to keep maximum yield of sugarcane per acre and getting awards at State Level and National Level.

· Best Capacity Utilization of the sugar factory.

· Better services to workers and society through media of Worker's Society, Workers Kalyan Mandal, Ganeshotsav mandal and Warana Vibhag Shikshan Mandal.

· Organizing various seminars for Directors, Officers above Supervisory staff and also for the workers to enlighten them to keep up with a present scenario.

· For creating scene of involvement of youth and members started "Tatyasaheb Kore Jyoti" from all villages to Samadhi of Tatyasaheb Kore at Warananagar on his death anniversary.

· Various State and National Level Awards have been achieved by the Sugar Factory.